This is Eternal Life!


“Now this is eternal life: that they may know You, the only true [supreme and sovereign] God, and [in the same manner know] Jesus [as the] Christ whom You have sent.”

Many believers in Jesus Christ believe that eternal life fully begins after death only. This is taught heavily in the body of Christ all over the world and has been for centuries. However, the context and biblical understanding of eternal life doesn’t start only when we enter the pearly gates. It actually begins now-here on earth.

Eternal life is coming to the fullness of Jesus Christ, who is Lord. Eternal life also involves the securing of a solid foundation in Jesus and making the decision to serve him in Spirit and in truth. Eternal life is about having the covering, security, assurance and peace that he is God alone in your life. It is about the development and growth of getting to the place of intimacy with the Savior. The Lord desires for us to know him! This experience is the “intimate knowing” of our Lord!

We need everlasting life right here in our here and now! There are so many people who are just merely existing on this earth and are waiting for the everlasting to come to them after they leave this earthy realm. But again, the everlasting life that Jesus wants for his sheep is to be experienced now on earth. This encounter develops with drawing yourself close to him, so that he can draw nigh unto you! Start today with the security of everlasting life! For we need eternal life in the natural, as well as our spiritual!


‘We Are All Things Kingdom’

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