Our Brand New Devotional Book is Here! Purchase Your Copy Today!

Are you currently going through afflictions, trials, tribulations, hardships or have ever been in the place where your circumstances seem to consume you to the place of no hope? This book is inspired by the Spirit of God to encourage you, uplift you, edify you, and bring you to the place where you will begin to look at your circumstances right in the eye and know that you will get through with the help of the Lord. Why? Because your circumstances are not your identity. You have purpose and destiny even in the midst of your circumstances! As you open this book and read the words, let it marinate in your spirit and minister to the inner depths of your soul! “Despite of My Circumstances” is a devotional for the hearts of the young and mature in age. This book’s mission is to help change the perspective of the heart and to allow the circumstances of life to transform into your greatest masterpiece: Your destiny in Christ Jesus!

You are able to purchase this brand new devotional at a really low price by clicking the link below!

Despite of My Circumstances: Learning to trust the right source through it all!

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