The Release is Here (Prophetic Word)

The release is here. The hour has come. The time is now! In this season, the Lord is pouring out his provision, his blessings, his vision and dreams and his Spirit upon his sons and daughters. This is a time to reap what has been sown. The seed has been watered. The ground has been fertilized. The fruits of life and wellspring are coming forth! Many have sown wholeheartedly, faithfully and have done so in a manner where their hearts before the Lord were pure, without the intent or motive to receive, but to GIVE their all unto him because of who is is alone!

Many have been petitioning, longing and desiring greater. Though the seasons have not been easy during the transition process, patience and endurance have been their portion! Many have been awaiting their package deal of overflow! For the Lord has spoken: “This is the hour of resurrection! This is the hour of harvest! This is the hour of overflow! This is the hour of abundance! This is the hour where my faithful ones will receive what I have spoken. For my promises are true and forever more. I am not a man that I should lie. My word is true. My faithfulness never fails! My provision has no limits!”

This hour is a time for MANY to receive! However, many will miss the mark because of disobedience, heedlessness, rebellion and closing themselves off to what he is doing because of a lack of faith and belief! The hour of release is not for the faint at heart. The hour of release is not for those who have been in the position of dishonor. The hour of release belongs to those who have been faithful, obedient, have been seeking the Father with their whole beings, and long to dwell in his will and presence.

It is essential to stay connected to the Lord. Do not disconnect! Do not unplug yourself. The Lord is the greatest outlet that we can connect ourselves to so that we can have power, strength, endurance and zeal to endure this race until the very end! Visions are no longer staying in the realm of a vision. They are being birthed into dreams and these dreams are becoming a reality. The vision and dreams are transitioning from a place of a conceived state to a special delivery! Remain in the will of the Lord. Do not miss your release! There is so much in store for the people of God this year. Many are experiencing the unleashing of his Spirit now, but he is not finished! More is coming! But stay faithful! Stay ready! Stay anchored! Stay obedient! Stay steadfast! Stay grounded in his foundation!

May this word bless all the ears and hearts that are willing to receive.


~We Are All Things Kingdom~

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Despite of My Circumstances: Learning to trust the right source through it all!

2 thoughts on “The Release is Here (Prophetic Word)”

    1. Praise God Almighty from whom all blessings flow. I believe and receive it in the name of Jesus! Lord prepare my mind and heart for the work You have entrusted me to do, for You created me for such a time as this!

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