The Lukewarm Bandwagon

We are now living in a day and age where being lukewarm is becoming the norm. It’s becoming acceptable to have one foot in the world and one foot in the body of Christ. People are becoming more and more complacent and comfortable with living by their emotions (flesh) instead of living by the Spirit. Many think they can still serve the Lord while having ties to sin: Fornication, adultery, idolatry, pornography, lying, stealing, covering, partying, drugs, alcohol, cussing and fussing, being connected to witchcraft, unforgiveness, the list goes on.

What is REALLY going on here? Why is this becoming pleasing? Why is this not being addressed more in the church? Does the body of Christ not have enough power to exercise authority and correction within the body? Let God’s word be forever true and every man a liar. God’s word does not change. He has given us the tools to overcome. He has also given us free will. But in that free will, many choose what is wrong instead of what is right because sin is now “good, pleasing and acceptable” and living for Christ is now becoming looked upon as a “taboo.”

Many in the body of Christ has began to allow a foothold for the enemy to just run havoc! But let me tell you this: The enemy doesn’t need an invitation into the body of Christ. He has willingly let himself in because of the immense power that people are freely giving to him. He sits in the pews EVERY time their is service! He roams the streets each and every day. He is always seeking whom he can devour. His mission will never change. He will always try to steal, kill and destroy.

Being lukewarm is costly and most importantly, it’s deadly. There is a price that comes with being lukewarm and it is to lose your soul if one does not repent and get to the place of denying SELF and surrendering to the spirit.

So what exactly is being lukewarm? Is it really as bad as people claim it to be? Well, let’s dig deep shall we and define the symptoms and signs of being lukewarm:

1. The ways of the world have no affect on your spiritual life. Feeding your spirit with the music, media, instructions, and trends of society start appealing to you.

2. You start to draw away from the things of Christ such as: Reading his word, communication with him declines, your prayer life becomes a taboo, fellowship with believers becomes boring to you.

3. The revisiting of “old habits” begin to resurface because a foothold has been left open…The spirit has become malnourished and the flesh has been entertained.

4. You no longer feel that you “fit” in with the body of believers. You start feeling that you can relate more with those people and things you once used to do before you got saved. Sin to you feels SATISFYING.

5. You are connected to a ministry who sugarcoats the gospel. They preach glittery messages that make you feel good and satisfy those desires within your heart. Instead of feeling the conviction of the Holy Ghost, you feel the fluff and puff that is really coming from the devil himself.

6. Lust- the wanting and desire of things you do not need begin to entice you; it lures you into seduction…It calls your name…Instead of putting the flesh under subjection, you openly receive the very thing that is waiting to pull you away from the presence of the Lord.

7. Your language changes. Instead of speaking words of righteousness, you speak ill words that are simply polluted.

8. “Everyone else is doing it so why can’t I?” We are to follow the leader and not the deceiver.

9. Choosing disobedience instead of obedience. This is rebellion and witchcraft…. One of the main signs of being lukewarm is self-sufficiency:Thinking that you can do it ALL in your own and that you don’t need help from the Lord or others who are following after Jesus.

10. You start to despise the truth of the Holy Spirit: THERE WILL BE TIMES THE TRUTH WILL CUT BECAUSE THE WORD IS A SWORD.

11. The dying of conviction- God’s presence is nearly impossible to feel in your life at this point. Just remember, God NEVER leaves us nor forsakes us. We just choose to back away from his presence.

12. You have fallen out of the place of intimacy and transparency with the Father. It is the lack of intimacy that causes faith to be wavered. It is the lack of intimacy that allows the foothold of sin to creep it’s ugly head into your life. For it then brings you the delicious platter FILLED with acts of pollution… Waiting for you to partake. The choice becomes yours. Many decide to indulge in the delicious platter of sin, not realizing that sin is temporal and a masking. It’s expiration date leads to destruction: spiritually and within the natural realm.

Revelation 3:15 states, “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”

We see that in scripture, the Lord became disgusted of the state of the Laodiceans due to their lukewarm state. They were neither cold nor hot. The in between stage is simply good for nothing. Drinks are better either cold or hot. Most people when ordering a beverage when doing out to eat do not ask their waiter or waitress for a lukewarm glass to quench their thirst. Simply speaking, the Lord would rather have us hot (on fire for the Holy Ghost and to be a vessel that lives for him and serves him in spirit and in truth) or cold (unreceptive to the things of Christ, non believing, and rejecting him completely). Serving two masters will never work. In the end, one has got to give. The question is, will you choose God’s way or the highway?

The lukewarm spirit can be compared to a sickness. It is like a symptom of a disease that is trying to overtake the body. Being lukewarm is a symptom of the disease of being disobedient, and being unfaithful to the one and true living God. As believers in Christ, we must ALL strive daily to FIGHT off the symptoms of the deadly disease of lukewarmness.

Just like a stomach ache is a symptom of a stomach virus (a type of disease), lukewarmness is a symptom of the turning away from our Lord. It is the unfaithfulness of the spirit and our soul unto the Lord.

So how can we overcome and get to the place of getting back to our first love wholeheartedly?

1. Keep the communication line open to the Father. Don’t be afraid to draw close to him. For we need his spirit to survive. Remember, he is Abba Father. He knows ALL about you because you are his creation. The great thing about the Lord is that he is not a forceful God. Though he wishes none to perish, he is a gentleman. A PERFECT one at that. He is waiting on you to willing come into his arms. When you draw ashore, he can move and do what you cannot do on your own strength. Read John 15:1-10 where it speaks of Jesus being the vine and we as vessels being the branches.

2. Keeping our minds stayed upon him. It is when our focus is taken off of Christ that we become non surrendering to his will, and therefore, we are not walking according to the spirit which is carnality. Reference Romans 8:6

3. Get to a place where we are becoming spiritually minded: Aligning your spirit with the Lord’s, entering into his presence, crucifying the flesh, putting NOTHING before him, separating yourself from the things that are unclean and displeasing to him, and allowing your steps to be ordered by him alone.

4. Learning how to become an overcomer by the blood of the lamb. Reference John 16:33

5. Asking the Lord to create in you a clean heart and to renew your spirit in him, (a fixed condition, a renewal, a cleansing, a purifying) Reference Psalm 51

6. STOP revisiting your past. We should NOT use our bodies as tool to sin. God has given us his spirit to overcome and it is through Jesus alone that we have the power to overcome and get to a full surrendering state. If you are living from those things that God has delivered you from and you are opening doors that are suppose to remain close, you become DEAD to your present. Let God AWAKEN you so you can turn awake from the lukewarm bandwagon and HOP into the train of righteousness and holiness!

7. Worship NO PARTS of your past! Reach for the things that God has for you in your NOW! Being lukewarm can put you in neutral and stop your forward process. The enemy would LOVE for you to be lukewarm because it is in this condition where people think they are SAFE. But in reality, danger is ahead.

In all, the Lord wants us to get out of the middle ground area and be a people who desire to serve him with our FULL being. Being a part-time believer isn’t going to save us. It is not going to lead us to everlasting life, but it will most definitely lead us to destruction. A lukewarm spirit is not only dangerous to ourselves, but it breeds confusion and division among others who are trying to follow the path of righteousness. Remember, as believers, we are to be the light and salt of the earth. We should never want to be a stumbling block to others. You are the ONLY person as a believer who is responsible for your faith walk in Jesus. You cannot blame sinful nature, the church, your family or anything else because we have the CHOICE to stay close to Jesus or to deny his power thereof. We must continue to endure this race until the very end. It’s so important to be aware of the devices of the enemy in this hour. His ultimate goal is to get as many Christians to FALL off the deep end as possible. DON’T become his victim! Become his THREAT! Connect yourself with TRUE believers in this hour who will hold your accountable, speak the truth to you in love, intercede for you, speak LIFE to you and want God’s BEST for you. Iron sharpens iron and we as a body NEED each other to survive! Make a firm decision to choose life!

***Be heavenly minded- Colossians 3:2-4 (setting your mind on things above, not on things on this earth)

Remember that you can do ALL THINGS through Jesus Christ who strengthens you: Philippians 4:13. There is strength within you from the Lord to leave the bandwagon of lukewarmness once and for ALL and submit, yield and surrender to his AWESOME power and sovereignty!

-Be blessed by this word in Jesus’ mighty name!

“We Are All Things Kingdom”

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