Are You Ready for Marriage?

This is a topic that many courters think about. Marriage is a wonderful step to take in life. Marriage is beautifully designed by God and can impact the course of your life greatly. As a single person, you have an entirely different mindset than what marriage requires. Marriage changes that mindset, at least should change it. Some things you will have to be taught and have to discover only through experience. Everyone is fearfully and wonderfully made meaning that we are all individuals with our own minds, personality, and spirit. With that being said, the person that you marry is exactly that, the person that you marry. Never compare your marriage to someone else’s, never compare your partner to someone else either. What may work for them may not work you and who God designed for someone else and who designed for you is his perfect plan.

Nevertheless, there are a few important questions to take into consideration before you tie the knot:

  • • How is your relationship with God?
  • • How willing are you to be selfless than selfish?
  • • Are there any habits that will be potentially hazardous to your marriage that needs to be dealt with beforehand?
  • • Are you willing to put your future spouse before your family members?
  • • Are you the type the run when things get tough and trying or are you one that’s willing to stand the tests?
  • • Are you one take responsibility for your actions and not point the blame on others?
  • • Are you one who’s willing to forgive?
  • Again, these are just a few questions to ponder before taking the next steps. Those that are already married can consider them as well. Marriage is growth. Marriage also requires working at it.

    So are you ready for marriage. The answer is, as ready as you’ll ever be.

    Peace and grace,

    ~We Are All Things Kingdom~

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