Thank You for Your Patience (We Are On the Move)!

We Are All Things Kingdom will like to sincerely thank all of our readers and supporters for their much appreciated patience as we are gearing up to be relocated to a new territory, Chicagoland to be exact. Our devotionals and messages have been sporadic due to the transitional process. WAATK are looking to be residents of the Chicagoland area within the next coming weeks. We are believing God for grace and favour on all of our new endeavors. We also plan to be involved with praise and worship in the future aside from all the other plans that God has placed in our spirits to be a blessing to others, Lord willing.

If anyone would like to support and contribute, we humbly encourage you to give a financial blessing to our pursuit. No gift whatsoever is too small. Give from your heart. It is not necessary but if you feel in your heart to give give any amount with the number five in it (i.e. $0.05, $5, $25 etc.); that would be awesome for the number five represents God’s grace.

Thank you to all and may God multiply your seed sown with much grace and favour.

‘Giving’ Information:

Cash app: We Are All Things Kingdom

PayPal: We Are All Things Kingdom

Love and grace,

~We Are All Things Kingdom~

Also, don’t forget to purchase your copy of ‘Despite of My Circumstances’ by clicking the link below:

Despite of My Circumstances

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