Welcome to ‘We Are All Things Kingdom’, established on January 14, 2018, where the founders are dynamic duo husband and wife team, Henry and Aleshia Amadi. We welcome you! This blog is not your ordinary blog, but it is a MIGHTY ministry that is soon to blossom and transform into something magnificent; all for the glory of the Lord and the edification of the saints! We also aim to draw in the lost fish (souls) to be saved and set free by the power of our Savior, Jesus Christ! “We Are All Things Kingdom” is inspired by our precious and beautiful baby daughter, “Charity” who recently went home with the Lord on January 14th, 2018. Even though our little princess was birthed premature at 26 weeks and 5 days and was stillborn, our baby was STILL BORN, and was PROMISED to us by the Lord (a testimony that will soon come forth in printed form). Through the loss of baby Charity, she has sparked such LIFE, HOPE and PERSEVERANCE in Mommy and Daddy. It truly wasn’t a loss, it was our GAIN and through our deep pain and process of healing, this is producing in us greater FAITH, POWER and a spiritual ENDURANCE that we’ve never had before. In the passing of our daughter, Henry and I found a wellspring of creativity, multiple innovative ideas, entrepreneurship and the PASSION to have ALL of our work and visions given us to be dedicated to the ministry of Jesus Christ and to be a blessing to ALL those we encounter, and impart into; whether face-to-face or by use of Social Media/Internet.

Our mission is to be a living witness, example and vessels of honor in bringing the foundation of God’s principles back to the body of Christ without compromise. We believe in Kingdom Principles. We believe in the POWER of the Holy Ghost. We believe in BUILDING on the “Solid Rock” of Jesus Christ in which nothing can move, pluck us out or cause us to be easily shaken. Yes indeed, “We Are ALL Things Kingdom!”

Though we are just building, “We Are All Things Kingdom” has GREAT plans, ideas and more soon to unfold in God’s timing! Come follow us as we follow Jesus, and STAY TUNED! The best is yet to come!

Henry & Aleshia Amadi- Founders of ‘We Are All Things Kingdom’

Also, make sure you don’t forget to get your copy of our brand new devotional titled, Despite of My Circumstances: Learning to trust the right source in the midst of it all! We pray that it blesses you in every way possible! Thank you!