We are mission-minded to do the will and assignments of the Lord Jesus Christ; as this is first and foremost a ministry, and secondly a business for the glory of God. WAATK aims to be a blessing to many lives by imparting the foundation of Jesus Christ into the hearts of man. If it is at all placed on your heart and in your spirit to give, please feel absolutely free to do so. We thank you! May the Lord bless you! Your giving will help sponsor the visions that God has given us to continue creating content, move in the arena of events such as seminars, conferences and fellowship nights, traveling to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, the production of merchandise (t-shirts, cups, pens, bags, sweatshirts, etc.) and greater works to come!

If you are looking to give, our GoFundme information is as followed:

No gift is too small or too great! Please be blessed in Jesus’ name and may your giving be a blessing returned! Amen!